A Guide for Evidence-Informed Decision-Making, Including in Health Emergencies

Michelle M Haby, Ludovic Reveiz

Research output: Book/ReportBookpeer-review


Evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) emphasizes that decisions should be informed by the best available evidence from research, considering factors such as context, public opinion, effectiveness, safety, impact on equity, feasibility of implementation, affordability, sustainability, and acceptability to stakeholders. The evidence-informed approach to decision-making is, at its core, about better decisions for better health, avoiding harm and making more effective use of scarce resources. EIDM can also improve transparency and accountability. EIDM includes decisions about clinical practice, public health, and health systems.
Original languageAmerican English
PublisherPan American Health Organization
Number of pages90
StatePublished - 15 Mar 2022


  • Emergencies
  • Public health
  • Evidence-based public health
  • Decision-making


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