Antiproliferative and apoptosis induction of cucurbitacin-type triterpenes from Ibervillea sonorae

H. Torres-Moreno, C. A. Velázquez, A. Garibay-Escobar, Massimo Curini, M. C. Marcotullio, R. E. Robles-Zepeda

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Two cucurbitacin-type triterpenes kinoin A (1) and kinoin B diglucoside (2) were isolated and characterized by chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques from the root of Ibervillea sonorae. By MTT assay their antiproliferative activity was evaluated and only compound 1 was able to inhibit the growth of HeLa, M12AK.C3F6, A549 and RAW 264.7 cancer cell lines with a IC50 of 18.0, 31.4, 40.2, and 61.5μM, respectively. L-929 cell line used as a control was more resistant to compound 1 at IC50 values greater than 100μM. Apoptosis induction was quantified for a double staining by Annexin V/propidium iodide using flow cytometry, and it was observed that treatment of HeLa cells with compound 1 cause cell death by apoptosis.

Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)895-900
Number of pages6
JournalIndustrial Crops and Products
StatePublished - 23 Dec 2015

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  • Antiproliferative activity
  • Apoptosis
  • IC
  • Ibervillea sonorae


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