Design of multi-layer mirrors for measuring optical phase modulation at 1300 nm

A. García-Juárez*, R. Gómez-Colín, F. Gracia-Témich, C. Gutiérrez-Martínez

*Corresponding author for this work

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A theoretical design and experimental realization of multi-layer mirrors for Fabry-Perot interferometry and optical telecommunications is described in this work. The mirrors were designed and fabricated by 13 successive thin layers to achieve very high reflectance at optical wavelengths around 1300 nm. Thin layers are ZnS and MgF2 presenting high and low refractive index, respectively. Layer thickness λo/2 at λo=656 nm. Experimental results include characterization of transmittance of mirrors around 1300 nm. Additionally, the mirrors were integrated in a Fabry-Perot interferometer to characterize optical sources emitting at 1300 nm. Finally to show a practical application, optical phase modulation was analyzed, using the fabricated mirrors through a scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer acting as high-resolution optical spectrum analyzer (OSA).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)550-556
Number of pages7
JournalOptics and Laser Technology
Issue number5
StatePublished - Jul 2009


  • Electro-optic modulators
  • Multi-layer mirrors
  • Optical phase modulation


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