Numerical and Experimental Study of the Natural Convection in a Tall Closed Cavity

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One of the heat transfer mechanisms in the cavity of the hollow concrete block is the natural convection. The cavity formed by concrete blocks placed in walls, has a geometric ratio of 20:1 for common blocks of 0.1 m width. The thermal gradients applied are representatives of the boundary conditions in a wall exposed to weather conditions in a desert climate. Experimental and numerical convective heat transfer coefficients are presented and compared. The numerical flow and temperature pattern, obtained with CFD software Fluent 6.3 are discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSustainability in Energy and Buildings
Subtitle of host publicationResults of the Second International Conference onSustainability in Energy and Buildings (SEB'10)
EditorsJain Lakhmi, Howlett Robert, Lee Shaun
Number of pages8
StatePublished - 2011
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NameSmart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
ISSN (Print)2190-3018
ISSN (Electronic)2190-3026


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