Spirituality and alcohol consumption in alcoholics anonymous, a systematic review

Linda Azucena Rodríguez-Puente, Edna Idalia Paulina Navarro-Oliva, Alejandra Leija Mendoza, José Martín Martínez Amaro, Luis Arturo Pacheco-Pérez, María Magdalena Alonso Castillo

Research output: Contribution to journalScientific reviewpeer-review


© Health and Addictions 2019. Spirituality plays a very important role and acts as a protective factor of alcohol consumption and has been observed to favor recovery treatment, maintenance of abstinence and management of the intense desire to consume alcohol. Aim. To identify the state of the art of spirituality and the possible relationships with alcohol consumption in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Method. Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Review was used. DeCS and Mesh descriptors were included as search strategy in all possible combinations, as well as truncation and boolean operators: Spirituality, Alcohol Consumption and Alcoholics Anonymous. Results. Spirituality and positive changes in it positively predict days of abstinence percentage and make a negative prediction of the amount of drinks per day; statistical significance was found among some spiritual practices as forgiveness and alcohol consumption decrease. Conclusions. AA program increases spirituality and predicts alcohol consumption in AA members.
Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)111-117
Number of pages7
JournalHealth and Addictions / Salud y Drogas
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2019


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