The global increase in population has caused a rise in the food demand and seafood is no exception. This has led to an overexploitation of commonly consumed species, and new spe - cies have been proposed to satisfy current demands. One such species is the giant squid. This species has a great potential due to its intrinsic characteristics. This fishing resource is one of the most important in Mexico, but only 10-20% of the catch is consumed domestically. The rest is exported to Asian countries, with minimal added value. In this sense, integral uses of this resource must be considered, as the mantle, fins, head and viscera can be used for different purposes. In this review, we summarize the ma - jor characteristics of squid proteins and their application as food ingredients, in aquaculture and in other practical applications, as well as what has been and is being done in the industry.
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StatePublished - 2016

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