Thermal analysis of a finned receiver for a central tower solar system

A. Piña-Ortiz, J. F. Hinojosa, R. A. Pérez-Enciso, V. M. Maytorena, R. A. Calleja, C. A. Estrada

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In this study, a thermal analysis of a finned receiver prototype for a thermosolar tower system is presented. The experimental system consists of parallelepiped aluminum enclosure of 1.2 m high, 1.23 m wide and 0.1 m depth. At the interior, 1232 cylindrical fins with a diameter of 0.0095 m (3/8″) and 0.09 m length increases the heat transfer area up to 225%. The vertical wall receives the incoming solar concentrated radiation from a group of heliostats whilst at the interior a constant flow of water removes the absorbed energy. Experimental temperature profiles were obtained at different heights and depths and a comparison was made with numerical results obtained with the use of commercial CFD software. It was found that the maximum thermal efficiency of the receiver was 94.4%, decreasing as the radiative flux increases.

Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)1002-1012
Number of pages11
JournalRenewable Energy
StatePublished - 1 Feb 2019

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This work has been partially funded by CONACYT (Grant 123767 ). A. Piña-Ortiz and R.A. Pérez-Enciso would like to gratefully acknowledge CONACYT the support granted through its program for Institutional consolidation which permits the retention of recent researchers. A Receiver width, (m) Ar Inner hot surface area, (m2) Cp Specific heat at constant pressure, (J/kg K) D Inlet pipe diameter, (m) g Gravitational acceleration, (m/s2) Gk Generation of turbulent kinetic energy due to the buoyant force, (J/kg) Gr Grashof number, nondimensional H Receiver height, (m) h Average convective heat transfer coefficient, (W/m2 K) k Turbulent kinetic energy, (m2/s2) L Receiver length, (m) m ˙ Mass flow, (kg/s) Nu Average Nusselt number of the heated wall, nondimensional qcal Calorimetric heat flux, (W/m2) qHFS Radiative heat flux, (W/m2) Pk Generation of turbulent kinetic energy, (J/kg) Ra Modified Rayleigh number at the heated wall, nondimensional Re Reynolds number at the inlets, nondimensional T amb Ambient temperature, (K) T h ¯ Average temperature of the hot wall, (K) T i ¯ Average temperature of the inlets, (K) T ∞ Temperature of the bulk fluid, (K) U Inlet velocity, (m/s) x, y, z Coordinate system, (m) i, j, k Unity vector components

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  • Concentrated radiation
  • Heat transfer
  • Solar tower system
  • Thermal receiver


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