Validation of a scale of roles of victims and aggressors associated with bullying

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Introduction. The school is a suitable space in which the interrelationships between students come together in one place, where basic rules of coexistence and learning society through the acquisition and practice of socio-cultural codes. However, these learning can be seen undermined by situations of school violence and that interfere with the peaceful environment that are intended to create to carry out tasks of learning and coexistence, may reach degrade the relationships of those involved in those areas; While there are many characteristics of the actors involved in such situations of violence, the "primary" stakeholders are those who attack (aggressors) and who receives the aggression (victims), forming a binary relationship to each other, constitu-leaving the center of the attack. Method. Based on the item response theory by Rasch calibration reagents, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. The scales of victims and aggressors are validated, which were measured in public middle school with young people aged 12 to 17 years old; both scales formed 12 Likert items that measure the perception of students. Results. Psychometric parameters obtained for confirmatory model of victims are suitable. The results show two dimensions on both scales, in the suffering of victims, "verbal violence / relational" and "physical / social violence", while the aggressors "verbal violence / physical" and "sexual violence / relational". Discussion and Conclusion. It was found that both scales match in removing reagents that deal with: physical violence against the property of others, sexual violence related to touch the private parts of other people and relational violence referred to submission of others to do or not to do something; It discussed from conception of the culture of silence. We conclude that the scales analyzed together are suitable for use in subsequent analyzes psychometric tests.

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