Ambiente escolar positivo, justicia escolar, conducta sostenible y bienestar en estudiantes de bachillerato

Beatriz María Valenzuela García, Martha Frías Armenta

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Positive school environments (AEP) could promote the perception of school justice (JE), sustainable behaviors (SB), and the experience of well-being. However, few studies have focused on these aspects in high school. Therefore, this research aims to analyze the relationship between AEP, JE, CS, and well-being in high school students. Three hundred forty-nine (349) students from two high schools participated on this study (mean age 16.39 years, SD = 0.68). Univariate statistics and reliability of the scales were obtained (Cronbach's Alpha and McDonald's Omega), as well as the convergent, discriminant, and concurrent validity through inferential statistics such as Spearman's Rho coefficient, calculations of the Average Variance Extracted, and its square root. In addition, covariance and structural models were tested. The results indicated that most of the scales were reliable (α ≥ 0.60; W ≥ 0.65) and valid. The AEP related positively and directly to student well-being and indirectly via the JE and SB. The findings of this research can help inform continuous school improvement programs and generate public policies that seek to promote constructive education.

Título traducido de la contribuciónPositive school environment, school justice, sustainable behaviors, and well-being in high school students
Idioma originalEspañol
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PublicaciónRevista CES Psicologia
EstadoPublicada - 16 mar. 2024

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  • Positive school environment
  • school justice
  • sustainable behavior
  • well-being


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