Aqueous-Organic Phase Transfer of Iron Oxide@Iron Carbide Nanoparticles Using Amide-Amine Modified Oleic Acid

Anya Arguelles-Pesqueira, Paul Zavala-Rivera*, Armando Lucero-Acuña, Patricia Guerrero-German, Aaron Rosas Durazo, Ramon Moreno-Corral, Judith Tánori

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The advances of iron based magnetic nanoparticles are extensively increasing due to the number of sources related to the synthesis process, the control on the particle dispersion and the interactions of ferrofluids that can be provide with different surface modifications. The wide range of uses granted to them are based on the physical, chemical stability and interaction properties in the different yields of material science. In this work, ferromagnetic iron carbide@iron oxide core@shell nanoparticles were synthesized with hydrophobic nature. Water dispersity was controlled by modifying the surface with a synthesized molecule of oleic acid with ethylenediamine by bioconjugation reaction obtaining a conjugated amide-amine modified oleic acid coating 6 nm magnetic nanoparticles with the capacity of being water dispersable. The synthesized nanoparticles, with modified organic acid and surface modified nanoparticle were characterized by TEM, DLS, zeta potential, mass spectrometry, FTIR and NMR.

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PublicaciónMRS Advances
EstadoPublicada - 20 abr. 2020

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