Beliefs of teachers about bullying

Título traducido de la contribución: Creencias de docentes acerca del bullying

Ángel Alberto Valdés Cuervo, Etty Haydeé Estévez Nenninger, Agustín Manig Valenzuela

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In this paper the results of an analysis on the beliefs held by basic-education teaching staff regarding bullying are analyzed; to carry out the analysis, the three public high schools with the highest incidence of 'bullying' by students in Sonora were selected; these results were from a previous study by Valdés et al., in 2013. From these schools, 15 teaching staff (from a total of 45) were interviewed; the remainder answered a survey with open questions. Teachers defined 'bullying' as direct violence involving students or other stakeholders. The staff considered the factors associated with bullying as non-systemic; in their opinion, the family and social context were the explanation for the phenomenon. They placed the responsibility for 'bullying' on other actors and considered the intervention strategies to be isolated. The conclusion is that the beliefs of teachers regarding 'bullying' reduce the scope for action against this problem within the educational environment.

Título traducido de la contribuciónCreencias de docentes acerca del bullying
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