Distribution of Copper, Iron, and Sulfur in Copper Concentrate Particles during Oxidation under Simulated Flash Smelting Conditions

Manuel Pérez-Tello, Valeria de la Paz-Ojeda, Víctor R. Parra-Sánchez*, Eugenia A. Araneda-Hernández, Madrioly C. Fernández-Sagredo, Eduardo A. Villagrán-Guerra

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The distribution of copper, iron, and sulfur during the oxidation of La Caridad copper concentrate particles under simulated flash smelting conditions was studied in a laboratory reactor. Six wet-sieved size fractions and the unsieved copper concentrate were oxidized at 1123 K and 40% and 70% O2 by volume in the process gas during the experiments. Samples of partially oxidized particles were collected at 0.2, 0.8, and 0.9 m from the point of entry and analyzed in a QEMSCAN® unit to determine the elemental composition within the population of particles. The distribution of the major elements during oxidation was strongly dependent upon the size and chemical composition of the initial particles. Overall, the copper content tended to increase and sulfur content decreased along the reactor length within all sizes. In contrast, the distribution of iron did not follow a general trend, as it was found to increase, decrease, or remain unchanged depending on the particle size. This finding may represent a key feature to further investigate the reaction path followed by particles during flash smelting, especially those associated with particle fragmentation. In general, the larger the particle size was, the larger the change in the content of the major elements within the particle population. Based on the experimental results, particles within a size fraction of <45 µm tended to follow a reaction path consisting of rapid melting followed by the collision and coalescence of reacting droplets during flight. In contrast, particles within the fraction of 45–53 µm tended to react individually. The oxidation behavior of the unsieved concentrate particles showed a combination of both reaction paths.

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EstadoPublicada - mar. 2024

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