Dose rate effects on the thermoluminescence properties of HFCVD diamonds

S. Gastélum, E. Cruz-Zaragoza, A. Favalli, R. Meléndrez, V. Chernov, M. Barboza-Flores*

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The effects of gamma radiation dose rates on the thermoluminescence (TL) properties of hot filament CVD diamonds films, in the 2.4-81.11 Gy/min dose rate range was investigated. The integrated TL increased at the dose rate increased reaching a maximum value at 43.4 Gy min- 1. Dose rate effects were not observed in the TL glow curve shape and kinetics parameters as demonstrated by using a computerized glow curve deconvolution procedure. The diamond films exhibited 3-5% TL reproducibility irrespective of the radiation dose rate used, which is comparable to commercial dosimeter materials. The results indicate that dose rate effects should be taken into consideration when performing dose assessment with HFCVD diamonds, since a given irradiation dose at different dose rates may result in different TL read outs.

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PublicaciónDiamond and Related Materials
EstadoPublicada - jul. 2008


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