Dual-Functionalized Theranostic Nanocarriers

Alexander H. Mo, Chen Zhang, Preston B. Landon*, Woraphong Janetanakit, Michael T. Hwang, Karla Santacruz Gomez, David A. Colburn, Samuel M. Dossou, Tianyi Lu, Yue Cao, Vrinda Sant, Paul L. Sud, Siddhartha Akkiraju, Veronica I. Shubayev, Gennadi Glinsky, Ratnesh Lal

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Nanocarriers with the ability to spatially organize chemically distinct multiple bioactive moieties will have wide combinatory therapeutic and diagnostic (theranostic) applications. We have designed dual-functionalized, 100 nm to 1 μm sized scalable nanocarriers comprising a silica golf ball with amine or quaternary ammonium functional groups located in its pits and hydroxyl groups located on its nonpit surface. These functionalized golf balls selectively captured 10-40 nm charged gold nanoparticles (GNPs) into their pits. The selective capture of GNPs in the golf ball pits is visualized by scanning electron microscopy. ζ potential measurements and analytical modeling indicate that the GNP capture involves its proximity to and the electric charge on the surface of the golf balls. Potential applications of these dual-functionalized carriers include distinct attachment of multiple agents for multifunctional theranostic applications, selective scavenging, and clearance of harmful substances.

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PublicaciónACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
EstadoPublicada - 15 jun. 2016

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