Evaluación de la aceptación de un nuevo producto a base de espárrago mediante metodología mixta

Lizbeth Salgado-Beltrán, Jonathan Díaz-León, Martha Yahaira Esquer-Torres, Juan Antonio Noriega-Rodríguez

Resultado de la investigación: Contribución a una revistaArtículorevisión exhaustiva


It is estimated that annually about 1,000 tons of asparagus production in Mexico do not meet export quality. Also, asparagus requires to be marketed with an appropriate presentation to suit the preferences of consumers and prolong their useful life, as they are highly perishable. Therefore, the aim of this work is to evaluate a new asparagus based product, using a mixed method (qualitative and quantitative) of market research. Three focus groups (n = 24) were conducted, plus a quantitative study (survey) with a sample of n=145 and finally a sensorial test (blind hedonic tasting, n = 39) with consumers. Focus group results showed that consumers choose the image of dried powder asparagus between 4 options presented. Consumers classified this as practical, available all year and allowing for several applications. The intrinsic attribute of flavor was higher valuated, followed by extrinsic attributes of good image and price. This suggests that marketing strategies of the new product should focus on developing these areas
Idioma originalIndefinido/desconocido
EstadoPublicada - 2014

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