Failure Probability due to Radiation-Induced Effects in FinFET SRAM Cells under Process Variations

Victor Champac*, Hector Villacorta, R. Gomez-Fuentes, Fabian Vargas, Jaume Segura

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This work studies radiation-induced effects in FinFET technology, the leading technology in advanced nodes for high-end embedded systems. As the fin height (HFIN) and the number of fins (NFIN) are two critical parameters in the development of newer technologies, the soft-error robustness to radiation-induced effects in FinFET SRAM cells with HFIN and NFIN) is evaluated using Technology Computer-Aided Design (TCAD) tools. The ion strike direction and the process variations are considered. An analytical method to evaluate the failure probability of the memory cell due to radiation-induced effects under process variations is proposed. The amount of critical and collected charges of the memory cell are obtained with TCAD tools. The proposed method can be used to get insight into the robustness behavior of the memory cell with HFIN and NFIN and to guide the obtention of HFIN and NFIN parameters in developing new FinFET technologies.

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Páginas (desde-hasta)75-86
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PublicaciónJournal of Electronic Testing: Theory and Applications (JETTA)
EstadoPublicada - feb. 2024

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