Nanoscience and nanotechnology: Ethical implications for Latin American scientists

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In this chapter we reflect on some ethical implications raised by nanoscience and nanotechnology for scientists working in Latin America. Even if ethical concerns are universal among scientists, the social, economic, and cultural peculiarities of each region should modulate the response given to them. Most countries in Latin America are underdeveloped or in a developing situation. A considerable part of the population lives under the poverty line and near half of the labor force works in the informal economy. The science budgets are low. More scientists are needed. In addition, the countries in this region do not have full regulations for nanomaterials production, use, and disposal. Considering this situation, it is necessary that Latin-American scientists get involved and promote the beneficial applications of nanotechnology avoiding or minimizing adverse effects for humans and the environment. They must practice high quality science and take advantage of all possible collaboration opportunities. They need to follow the new developments in nanoscience and nanotechnology (novel materials and techniques, new regulations). They must also contribute to the training of young scientists with an ethical vision of their work. They should also contribute to reduce gaps in science related to income and gender. Latin American scientists must also engage in communicating science to the general public. If necessary, they should even participate in advocacy campaigns seeking to establish better regulations and evidence-based public policies. In the history of the region there are numerous examples related to the exploitation, production, handling, or disposal of materials that can give valuable insights into positive and negative consequences of science and technology. There are also very positive examples such as science fellowship programs or the discussion and implementation of the concept “university social responsibility.”

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