Selective adsorption of metallic complex using polyaniline or polypyrrole

Irela Santos Sauceda, María Mónica Castillo Ortega, Guillermo Tiburcio Munive, Jesús Manuel Quiroz Castillo, Teresa del Castillo Castro, Martín Antonio Encinas Romero, Manuel Aguilar Vega, José Zeferino Ramírez, Luis Sergio Quiroz Castillo

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© 2016 Elsevier B.V. The preparation of composites of cellulose acetate, triphenyl phosphate and poly (acrylic acid) (M), coated with polyaniline (M-PAni) or polypyrrole (M-PPy), including tests of the adsorptivity of complexes of copper-iodide, are presented in this work. Characterization of M-PAni and M-PPy by FT-IR and TGA before and after being exposed to natural weathering conditions are done to study the effects that environmental conditions have on them. In solutions with Cu only, the M-PAni presented 51.6% Cu adsorption and M-PPy presented 10.7%. SEM analysis, EDS, XPS and ATR-FTIR of M-PAni and M-PPy before and after of Cu adsorption are included. In the presence of gold-iodide complex, M-PAni shows 47.4% Cu adsorption, six times higher than the M-PPy, 7.2%; this result is attributed to better interaction between the PAni and the copper-iodide complex than PPy and the copper-iodide. The adsorption equilibrium data of copper-iodide complex fits the Langmuir isotherm model for both M-PAni and M-PPy, suggesting the formation of an adsorbed monolayer. Desorption process for Au is more effective in the two materials, 34.1% with M-PAni and 86.6% with M-PPy, than for Cu with 1.0% and 2.6% respectively. The present method, which uses iodide as a single leaching agent for Au and Cu and M-PAni and M-PPy as adsorbents is recommended. These composites are suitable selective materials.
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PublicaciónMaterials Chemistry and Physics
EstadoPublicada - 1 oct 2016


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