Structural analysis for a slab-on-grade cellular concrete foundation to reduce heat losses in temperate climate residential buildings

Nicolás Sau-Soto, Jorge Lucero-Álvarez, Ana Cecilia Borbón-Almada, Mario Nájera-Trejo, Norma Alejandra Rodríguez-Muñoz*

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Reducing the energy requirements of buildings is imperative in the face of global warming and the imminent need to build low or zero-carbon housing in the following decades. This research proposes the design of a structural foundation to reduce heat transfer between the ground and the house to improve thermal comfort, thus reducing the incidence of low interior temperatures and lower energy requirements. The proposed foundation consists of a waffle slab system incorporating on-site cellular concrete fabrication for a residential home. The foundation proposal was evaluated over a year through simulation to quantify the heating demand reduction for four cities with temperate semi-arid and temperate sub-humid climates. The analysis shows that the prevalence of low temperatures is reduced when applying any of the proposed foundations. However, the benefits must be weighed for cities like Durango and Puebla since the reduction of hours with low temperatures is minimal, and they show an increase in energy for cooling. The city with the most significant benefit in reducing the incidence of low temperatures and the heating demand is Toluca, followed by Zacatecas, which are cities showing prevalent heating demands. Based on the results, it is observed that it is viable to apply foundations with a lower overall heat transfer coefficient, with the addition of lightened materials produced on-site. However, it is still necessary to conduct more experimental studies on these prefabricated systems applied to foundation slabs and care for their implementation in mixed climates.

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Número de artículo109740
PublicaciónJournal of Building Engineering
EstadoPublicada - 15 ago. 2024

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