Structural and Dimensional Analysis by Computed Tomography of Multi Geometric Template Manufactured by Fused Deposition Modeling

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During the last decade of the 20th century, there has been significant growth in the applications and development of manufacturing processes associated with Additive Manufacturing (AM). The evolution of production systems has made it possible that today there are more than 20 technologies associated with this production system. As a consequence of the development of AM, strategies have been developed to optimize the printing process focused on reducing manufacturing time, such as using Genetic Algorithms (GA). The effect caused by the modification of the path patterns is an effect of interest in two aspects; on the one hand, the dimensional assurance focused on the compliance of the dimensions of the components in comparison with the digital design of the same, and on the other hand, the structural composition and resistance that the printing process itself can generate. This paper aims to present the effect of optimizing the path of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) equipment on the dimensional finish and structural quality of a multi-geometric component. For this purpose, a template composed of 23 geometric elements, printed by FFF technology, using PLA as base material, is used. The dimensional analysis is performed using Geomagic software, and the porosity analysis is performed using VG Studio software concerning the 134 attributes of interest. The results show, on the one hand, a 12% reduction in the total process time required to print the component. On the other hand, using Computed Tomography (CT), it was identified the effect on the dimensional precision of printing three elements with characteristics associated with the angular precision or definition of external angles and the roundness demanded by an unsupported cantilevered arch. In addition, it was possible to ensure that the structural quality of the multi-geometric component was not affected by the modification of the path required by the printing process.
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