Surface wave effect on light scattering from one-dimensional photonic crystals

Aldo S. Ramírez-Duverger*, Jorge Gaspar-Armenta, Raúl García-Llamas

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Light scattering and reflection measurements using attenuated total reflection technique for s polarization of the incident light on a finite one-dimensional photonic crystal are reported. Angular specular reflection was measured experimentally to determine, the optimum thickness, the angular position of the surface mode, and the number of bi-layers of the system. It was demonstrated that the position of the surface mode inside the last film is close to the asymptotic value when the number of periods is increased. Spectral reflection measurements were made to determine experimentally the band gap width and measure the dispersion relation of the surface mode inside this band. The corresponding field amplitude was calculated ({divides}E{divides}2) showing that in resonant conditions it has a maximum near the surface. The angular dependence of the scattered light measured displays a peak caused by singles cattering and located approximately at the excitation angle of the surface electromagnetic mode. When the incident light is in resonance with the surface electromagnetic wave, it is found experimentally that the scattering of light is enhanced overall by approximately one order of magnitude in comparison with the off-resonance case.

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PublicaciónOptics Communications
EstadoPublicada - 15 sep. 2007


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