Technology and reliability challenges of SUB-nm EOT high-κ/ metal gate electrode transistors

Jeff J. Peterson, Paul Kirsch, Gennadi Beisukel, Siddarth Krishuan, Prashant Majhi, Pat Lysaght, Manuel Quevedo-Lopez, Hong Jyh Li, Yoshi Senzaki, Rusty Harris, Chadwin D. Young, Rino Choi, Johnny Sim, Joel Barnett, Naim Moumen, Craig Huffmau, Mark I. Gardner, George A. Brown, Peter M. Zeitzoff, Byoung Hun LeeChuck Ramiller, Howard R. Huff

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There are numerous challenges in scaling the Hf-based hieh-k dielectric gate stack to sub-mn equivalent oxide thickness (EOT): bottom interface thickness and k-value, high-k initiation and growth, and elimination of interfacial reactions such as occurs between the poly-silicon gate electrode and high-k dielectric. In addition, the high-k/poly-Si gate stack faces challenges in obtaining the desired flat-band voltage and threshold voltage and transistor integration challenges in using metal gate electrodes. In terms of electrical performance, high-k transistors face the challenge of resolving mobility and drive current degradation. Finally, high levels of interface and bulk charge at the bottom interfacial oxide layer and high-k dielectric layer, respectively, dominate the long-term stability and reliability behavior of transistors built using these gate stacks. In this paper, several approaches to successful resolution of these challenges are presented demonstrating finished transistor (1000C/10s anneal) EOTs as low as 0.51 nm for HfD2 gate dielectrics, and peak mobilities of 214 Cm2ATs and high field mobilities of 189 Cm2/Vs at EOT of 0.96 nm.

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Título de la publicación alojadaDielectrics in Emerging Technologies -and- Persistent Phosphors, Joint Proceedings of the International Symposia
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EstadoPublicada - 2006
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EventoDielectrics in Emerging Technologies -and- Persistent Phosphors - International Symposia - Quebec City, QC, Canadá
Duración: 15 may. 200520 may. 2005

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NombreProceedings - Electrochemical Society
VolumenPV 2005-13


ConferenciaDielectrics in Emerging Technologies -and- Persistent Phosphors - International Symposia
CiudadQuebec City, QC


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