The interaction of the halo around the butterfly planetary nebula NGC650-1 with the interstellar medium

G. Ramos-Larios*, M. A. Guerrero, A. Nigoche-Netro, L. Olguín, M. A. Gómez-Muñoz, L. Sabin, R. Vázquez, S. Akras, J. C. Ramírez Vélez, M. Chávez

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With its bright and wide equatorial waist seen almost edge-on ('the butterfly body') and the faint and broad bipolar extensions ('the butterfly wings'), NGC650-1 is the archetypical example of bipolar planetary nebula (PN) with butterfly morphology. We present here deep high-resolution broad- and narrow-band optical images that expose the rich and intricate fine structure of this bipolar PN, with small-scale bubble-like features and collimated outflows. A SHAPE spatio-kinematic model indicates that NGC650-1 has a broad central torus with an inclination angle of 75° with respect to the line of sight,whereas that of the bipolar lobes,which are clearly seen in the position-velocity maps, is 85°. Large field of view deep images show, for first time, an arc-like diffuse envelope in low- and high-excitation emission lines located up to 180 arcsec towards the east-south-east of the central star, well outside the main nebula. This morphological component is confirmed by Spitzer MIPS and WISE infrared imaging, as well as by long-slit low- and high-dispersion optical spectroscopic observations. Hubble Space Telescope images of NGC650-1 obtained at two different epochs ~14 yr apart reveal the proper motion of the central star along this direction. We propose that this motion of the star through the interstellar medium compresses the remnant material of a slow asymptotic giant branch wind, producing this bow-shock-like feature.

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PublicaciónMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
EstadoPublicada - 21 mar. 2018

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