Variables asociadas al desarrollo de la competencia científica en estudiantes de posgrado en Sonora

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Has been performed a comparative cross-sectional study in order to identify some kind of variables that differentiated students graduate science and engineering with high or low overall development of scientific expertise. A total of 167 graduate students were selected through a stratified probability sample. For the study was designed expressly for that purpose an instrument which assessed students perceptions of the importance and the development achieved in scientific skills. The results show that both groups of students differ either by the perceived importance is provided in the postgraduate scientific competence and the level of development that is considered to have achieved. However the variable that most differentiates the two groups is development of basic research skills.
Idioma originalIndefinido/desconocido
PublicaciónREencuentro. Análisis de Problemas Universitarios
EstadoPublicada - 2012

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