Yucca schidigera saponin rich extracts: Evaluation of extraction methods and functional properties

Guadalupe Johanna Góngora-Chi, Jaime Lizardi-Mendoza*, Luis Quihui-Cota, Yolanda Leticia López-Franco, Marco Antonio López-Mata, Rosalba Pérez-Morales

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Saponins are produced as secondary metabolites by the Yucca schidigera plants. These metabolites have functional properties relevant to pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics applications. Therefore, the development of efficient methods for extracting these metabolites is an important area of study. This work proposes the use of technology-assisted methods, one using ultrasound (YE-US) and the other using deep eutectic solvent (YE-DES), to obtain saponins-rich extracts from Yucca schidigera. The extracts were compared with the conventional sequential extraction (YE-AB). The efficiency of the method was given by extract yield, solvent volume, and extraction time. YE-US showed both the highest yield and the lowest extraction time, and a reduction in the volume of solvent used. The extracted saponin content tended to be higher for YE-US and YE-AB (no significant differences) than for YE-DES. YE-US showed a statistically significant increase in antioxidant activity compared to YE-AB and YE-DES. Results of the functional properties were variable in all samples but with potential use as a surfactant, stabilizer, and bactericidal. The methodologies tested can help to improve and streamline the extraction of metabolites from yucca, contribute to the development of more environmentally sustainable methods, and have potential application in industry due their functional properties.

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Número de artículo101470
PublicaciónSustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy
EstadoPublicada - abr. 2024

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